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It is Jeweler Software Company’s first cryptocurrency.

It is a token built on Eth, Bnb, Avax, Tron and many other blockchains.

Blockchain can be bought by any individual and company who is a crypto lover and trader.

-J VR Metaverse

-J NFT Marketplace

-J GOLD Stabile Coin



Yes, it will be on the website and in many places.

Of course, many exchanges were contacted.

JVR is a Commercial Oriented metaverse project that brings together Virtual and Real.

It is the free NFTs to be produced for the J VR project in the J NFT project and the valuable NFT space to be produced for the NFT Marketplace.

Stabilized gold coins will be produced in the J GOLD project.

Because everyone who wants to benefit from both hot wallet and cold wallet, and in order to be honest with the systems that are completely self-interested on both platforms, it has been decided to proceed in both exchanges.

Since Jewelercoin wants to reach every unreachable place and individual, of course, it has already guaranteed that it will organize small and large events.

Jewelercoin was founded by Jeweler Software Company. In this way, there will always be individuals who will be in touch with you, and Jewelercoin thinks of you more than you, so it is preparing to challenge all leading systems, if you want, welcome us.

Of course, the big and small sizes that will be given to us always give what we will have all kinds of advertisements.