How it Works

Jewelercoin ─░nfo

Jewelercoin Detail

Jewelercoin has a Maximum Supply of 750 Million. It was planned to burn 60% of the total supply. Other distributions of the system are described below.

Company Timeline

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Jewelercoin does not have to notify anyone if the projects are early or delayed in the specified timeline.

Jewelercoin Feature

Like its name, it will be indispensable with the choice of gold as a stable coin and the projects it has determined.

Jewelercoin is making its first ICO

Jewelercoin has launched its first 60-day ICO via its website. ico max. Its supply is 60 Million.

ICO Variable Tokens

The first sale made through the Pre-Sale is exchanged on Eth, Bnb, Usdt and Busd.


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It is Jeweler Software Company’s first cryptocurrency.

It is a token built on Eth, Bnb, Avax, Tron and many other blockchains.

Blockchain can be bought by any individual and company who is a crypto lover and trader.

-J VR Metaverse

-J NFT Marketplace

-J GOLD Stabile Coin



Yes, it will be on the website and in many places.

Of course, many exchanges were contacted.