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– J VR





J VR is Jewelercoin’s Metaverse project. In this J VR Metaverse, Jewelercoin aimed to be commercial oriented. He also embraced overcoming obstacles. J VR decided to bring real and virtual together and started its work. Trade in J VR and there will be no charge for it. For example, when you are inside your house, you will see a market or a bakery, you will be able to see all kinds of places and order whatever you want. This is not a game, real and virtual Jeweler Software Company combines the two so that someone with a disability or who doesn’t want to go out can do whatever they want from home in the metaverse, which is just a J VR. Join us for more and stay with us.

Established Jewelercoin’s J NFT project for various purposes. For the J VR project, a completely free NFT will be built over J NFT and integrated into the metaverse system, and the NFT on J VR will be made free of charge at the request of users. In another type, it will make valuable NFTs and then sell them on NFT Markets. However, another difference is that the person who buys the NFTs issued by Jewellercoin for a fee, for commercial or any other purpose, undertakes to return a small amount to Jewelercoin at any time. Another NFT work is that they will create their own NFTs instead of an identity on the Central Exchange that Jewellercoin will establish and provide the firewall in this way.

Since stable coins do not have the ability to lose or gain value in an instant like other cryptocurrencies, Jewelercoin has decided to issue the stable currency of gold, as it is the only currency in the world that does not lose its value and itself. Of course, J Gold is not just built on stable money. It promises to carry the blockchain everywhere with its many surprise and innovative projects. He decided to meet with jewelers around the world and do joint business.

Exchanges Jewelercoin has encountered many oddities as a result of long follow-ups. Since the transactions made are against the nature of the blockchain due to the bullying applied, Jewelercoin has decided to establish not a single exchange, but two different exchanges, both Centralized and Decentralized. In these exchanges, NFT will be used instead of identity.

Jewelercoin has created its own blockchain team. Thus, many new projects will be built on the Jewelercoin Blockchain. When Jewelercoin Blockchain almost launches projects, it will be such that it will not receive a gas fee.

Pre-Sale Time Remaining

Limited pre-sale time of Jewelercoin is running out to create a new system


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It is Jeweler Software Company’s first cryptocurrency.

It is a token built on Eth, Bnb, Avax, Tron and many other blockchains.

Blockchain can be bought by any individual and company who is a crypto lover and trader.

-J VR Metaverse

-J NFT Marketplace

-J GOLD Stabile Coin



Yes, it will be on the website and in many places.

Of course, many exchanges were contacted.